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Home.Why Us?.Services.Indoors.Outdoors.Contacts.

Garden Maintenance


The contractor is to ensure that all planted areas are kept damp enough to stop wilting.  If after inspection, anything is found to be faulty with the existing irrigation system, a separate quote and invoice will be given for the repair work.    


Mowing of Lawn


Areas of Lawn

Grass shall be mowed regularly with an acceptable petrol, electric or diesel driven lawn mower.  Mower blades shall be kept sharp at all times.  All stones and foreign objects shall be removed before mowing starts.


Cutting of edges

All edges of lawn where it borders paving foot paths, structures, kerbing, poles, fencing and planting areas shall be trimmed neatly with shears or edge cutters.   



The contractor shall make provision for the aeration of planted areas as necessary.  Aerating shall be by means
of garden forks or there approved apparatus.  Established services shall not be damaged.

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