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Home.Why Us?.Services.Indoors.Outdoors.Contacts.


Word Of Mouth.


We have relied successfully on this method to increase our market share.


Customer Referrals


Customer referrals have played an important role in confirming the quality of our service and the high standard of service from our operational staff.

Plants provide a sense of tranquility to the otherwise everyday stresses of life. They create a positive and productive atmosphere and give the environment a distinctive finishing touch.  Bring a little of the outdoors to your indoors by allowing us to provide you with a professional service consisting of :



We supply or you buy:

You may either buy
your own plants and
use Morena Proplant cc
for maintenance and necessary

or we can supply the
plants and carry out maintenance and
possible replacements.


12 Month Maintenance Contract :  

Allow Morena Proplant cc to care for and maintain your plant life.  Each contract stands for a period of 12 months, and is maintained by staff trained to care for plants.  Correct watering and trimming of leaves is carried out under supervision.


Rental & Maintenance Contract:

This contract stands for
a period of twenty four
months renewable


For further

information please

do not hesitate
to enquire.


Tel (011) 782-4266  -  Fax (011) 782-6964

Email: proplantscape@worldonline.co.za